Operating Plan

The basis of our managed services is AIOps. We follow an agile approach from the start of the engagement through continuous delivery to the handover at the end of a contract. We focus on infrastructure, application operations, and cloud management by:

  • Prioritizing practical outcomes over aspirational goals by adopting an incremental approach that starts with replacing rule-based event analytics and expands into domain-centric workflows like application and network diagnostics.
  • Choosing between domain-centric or domain-agnostic AIOps by allowing the use case to determine the approach. Use domain-centric AIOps features built into a monitoring tool for a one-off, specific use case, and deploy a domain-agnostic stand-alone solution with a roadmap straddling multiple use cases.
  • Enabling task automation, knowledge management, and change analysis by selecting an AIOps platform that supports bidirectional integration with ITSM tools.
  • Enabling continuous insights across ITOM by supporting these three aspects of AIOps platforms: observe, engage and act.