GlobeSync Tech is a comprehensive suite of managed services.

Our engineers are trained and have experience in a significant number of bespoke and supported software platforms.

About us

Our engineers are trained and have experience in a significant number of bespoke and supported software platforms. However, the specific nature of these applications is typically covered under support agreements from the software vendors, and therefore GlobeSync Tech provides general IT software support and provides a ‘best endeavors’ approach using our engineers’ knowledge and experience.

Industries We Serve


GlobeSync Tech practice focuses on helping the customer-centric telcos thrive in the evolving business landscape. Our breadth of deep-learning, analytics, data, and cloud capabilities enable telecom service providers with superior network optimization, improved customer experience, and AI-based edge computing services on 5G networks.

Banking and Financial Service

The evolving digital landscape and uncertain economic climate have forced the financial services industry to sharpen their focus on improving customer experience, addressing tougher regulatory demands, tighter cost control, and transformation of legacy systems and processes.


Increase value, improve student outcomes and reduce costs with a VMware digital foundation for higher education. Empower students and staff with secure, always-on access to apps and resources.

Health and life sciences

Improve the quality and delivery of patient care with GlobeSync Tech’s cloud services for healthcare. Build, run, manage, connect, and protect any app on any cloud on any device to drive digital strategies and connected healthcare at scale.


The Insurance Industry is faced with rising competition, evolving customer preferences, and tighter margins. There is an increasing lack of trust and product knowledge among the new generation of buyers. The ability to use and monetize new sources of data to understand customers and personalize experiences for them is going to be the differentiator.


Explore our core offerings for delivering groundbreaking transformation with our access to best-in-class solutions and industry expertise.

Infrastructure Management


Cloud Environment Management


Application Management


Analytics and Reporting


Workforce Augmentation

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